What is new in Say It Right 5.0?

How can I purchase Say It Right 5.0?

I forgot my password. What can I do?

I’d like to change my password.

Can I use the application on multiple devices?

Yes, but not at the same time. If you are using the application on one device, you must first log out of your account on that device, and then you may log into your account in the application installed on another device. If you forget to log out of the active device and try to log into the app on another device, the system will log you out of the previous device automatically.

Logging in and using the app on a particular device requires Internet access.


I am logging into my account in the application, but I cannot access the content.

What is the language version of the interface?

If I purchase Say It Right 5.0, do I have access to only one language version of the interface?

Will I have to purchase other foreign language versions of the interface in the future?

Do I have to purchase the Standard British and General American variety separately?

Do I have to purchase the entire course?

Can I use the course on my Apple Macintosh computer?

What is the difference between the Sounds module and the Sounds module / Voucher?

What is Omni-Pack?