El módulo Vocabulary

Say It Right – Vocabulary is a multilevel program created with the aim to test and consolidate practical knowledge of English vocabulary, as well as to encourage learners to explore it further on their own. Say It Right – Vocabulary provides extensive review and intensive practice of vocabulary items included in the Sounds and Prosody modules.

The course follows the structure of the Sounds module and is divided into Consonants and Vowels, and then subsidivided into particular consonants and vowels of British and American English.

Each chapter is comprised of several types of exercises including:

A sample of all types of exercises is available in this free Demo.

Say It Right – Vocabulary is intuitive and easy to use, incorporating the commonplace drag-and-drop technique.

Say It Right – Vocabulary is meant for those users who went through the Sounds and/or Prosody module, focusing primarily on the pronunciation, and would now like to focus on the meaning, those who are studying for FCE, TOEFL, or IELTS, or those who would like to become more confident when it comes to using English vocabulary.

Say It Right – Vocabulary has been developed to combine the practice of vocabulary with exposure to correct English pronunciation. Therefore, all correct answers have been recorded in Standard British and General American for individual repetition.

Say It Right – Grammar is intended for self-study, but can also serve as an additional teaching resource in the classroom. It can be used on computerstablets, or mobile phones (WindowsAndroid or iOS).