Das Modul Sounds

The “Sounds” module is a separate product, which may be accessed through the “Say It Right 5.0 Online” application available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. In order to use it, it is necessary to purchase access to the whole module or a single chapter.

The “Sounds” module allows you to master all the sounds of British and American English by practicing individual sounds in words, phrases, sentences, texts, and in contrast with other sounds. Each of the extensive chapters is devoted to a single sound. All practiced elements are translated into Polish, Spanish, German and Chinese, and their phonetic transcription is given. Emphasis is also placed on the relationship between the way the sound is pronounced and the different ways it is spelled. In addition to a detailed description, each sound is presented in the form of a video and animations showing the organs of speech during the articulation. The module also contains a number of additional chapters, including confusables, homophones, homographs, words often mispronunced, silent letters, prefixes, suffixes, loanwords, false friends, and word-building.

The "Sounds" module is accompanied by a publication in the form of a book, which needs to be purchased separately.

Book Contents

Speech organs





Notes on the phonetic transcription

Phonemes of English

Glossary of phonetic terms

Using the program and the course